Nigerian content creator, Ogechi Nkonu, popularly known as Caramel Plug, has reportedly arrested the vendor who accused her of receiving free cloth and not giving credit on social media.

The vendor, identified as Ruchy, had claimed that Caramel received a dress from her for free and promised to give her credit, but failed to do so. She also shared screenshots of her purported chat with the skit maker as evidence.

However, the accusation was proven false when the actual vendor, Layi, stepped forward with proof, including her chat with Caramel where they discussed and finalized the dress purchase, along with the payment receipt. Read here

Following the incident, it was gathered that Caramel has arrested the vendor for spreading misleading information about her.

A video circulating online shows someone, presumed to be Caramel Plug, sitting in a black SUV in front of Ruchy’s house, accompanied by policemen who picked her up.

According to a Twitter user who shared the update, the vendor has been in police custody since Wednesday, July 26.

He also claimed that Caramel is demanding an apology from the vendor, but she has refused to do so.

He wrote,

“Caramel used police to arrest the vendor who called her out few days ago over the free cloth issue, she said the police men came in disguise to give her a gift in a tinted vehicle, you can see Caramel in the first frame.

She said was about to make a call then Caramel told the police men to bundle her inside the car and not let her use her phone, she has been in Maroko Station, Lagos since yesterday up till now.

She said Caramel wants her to beg before she tells the police to release her, imagine. The vendor has vowed not to beg.

She also mentioned they asked her for settlement but she refused to drop.”

Watch the clips below,


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