Want to know about the J Cyrus Allegations? J Cyrus eventually rose to fame after he started his career on Vine as he created funny yet short videos that used to go for six-second. These videos were pretty popular until the app met its downfall back in 2017.

Later, J Cyrus would upload videos of himself where he was seen rapping and creating short skits; this content was similar to what he is doing on TikTok today. J Cyrus also found popularity as a streamer on Twitch but eventually had to quit after he was accused by several women, as these women claimed that he had been using his influence to abuse them.

The former Twitch star has been recently making headlines after his name has been embroiled in a severe controversy. Let us know all about the J Cyrus Allegations.

J Cyrus Allegations

J Cyrus’ Allegations are making the rounds as several people have taken to social media and claimed that the former internet star has a history of manipulating, abusing, and allegedly taking advantage of women back during his streaming days.

These allegations are further fuelled after a Twitch Streamer came forward and claimed that Cyrus has allegedly destroyed many of his fans who trusted him while using his power and influence to mistreat women who used to watch him stream.

J Cyrus Allegations
J Cyrus Allegations (Credits: US Weekly)

The number of women who have come forward and such similar allegations against J Cyrus is as many as 20. This Twitch user has gone on to state that Cyrus destroyed a community of 100s of people who used to trust and admire him. These people alleged that people like J Cyrus have proved that they should not be given a platform.

A social media post has resurfaced where Cyrus is seemingly apologizing back in December 2020 for the things that he was accused of at the time. He stated that he knows that there is no excuse nor justification for his actions, while he further called himself careless, greedy, ignorant, and disrespectful. Take a look at the resurfaced apology post that is doing the rounds on Twitter. 

J Cyrus continued in his lengthy apology post by saying that by engaging in flirtatious and provocative personal messages with people that did not just see him as a casual fun time, but instead as someone they grew to love and trust from admiring them in a community where they used to feel safe and guarded.

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Is J Cyrus Dating Doja Cat?

Popular rapper Doja Cat has recently sparked some major dating rumors with former Twitch star J Cyrus. The two initially sparked rumors after they were spotted together in New York City in November 2022. Later this year, the alleged couple were again seen at Carbone while having a romantic dine-out together in May.

The rumored lovebirds were seen kissing on a yacht in Los Cabos, Mexico. Some fans even pointed out that Doja Cat seemingly blocked people who were criticizing her alleged relationship with J Cyrus. Doja Cat has reportedly called out all her haters in her newest single called ‘Attention.’ 

More Shocking Allegations Against J Cyrus!

A former moderator who worked for J Cyrus has also taken to Twitter to share her experience, and it seemingly might not be a pleasant one! This person stated that the alleged person had manipulated and taken advantage of women in his stream community when he held a position of power over them.

J Cyrus Allegations
J Cyrus Allegations (Credits: YouTube)

The moderator went on to say that as per her own experience as one of his moderators for more than three years, it was revealed that J Cyrus would fake medical ailments and even use self-harm as a means to control them all. She went on to claim that he would emotionally manipulate them, and after all ten of them figured out what he was doing, they took action and withdrew and said it was a collective problem.

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