Want to know about Money Kicks net worth? The Dubai social media influencer is making headlines as he escaped a kidnapping attempt in London. Also, a few months ago, he teased a fight against MC Stan in India. However, what people are more concerned about is how much Money Kicks has accumulated so far. In other words, how much is his wealth?

Money Kicks is a versatile YouTube star. Not everyone knows his real name. He is called Rashed Belhasa. Do you know, who his father is? He is Saif Ahmed Belhasa, a famous construction billionaire in Dubai. Money Kicks also earned massive fame for his father. 

On social media, Rashed aka Money Kicks, is much popular for his collection of cars and sneakers. He is reportedly born in 2002. Talking more about Money Kicks, he loves acting and is very much into traveling and playing new games. Also, he is an entrepreneur, owning a clothing brand. Rashed is also a boxer. 

Since birth, Money Kicks has been leading a lavish lifestyle. That’s mainly because of belonging to a rich family in Dubai. However, he didn’t depend on that but made his own. Overall, it’s mainly his lifestyle that is making him more famous day by day. Later comes his skills, which also contributed. As far as Money Kicks’ fanbase on YouTube is concerned, he has garnered more than 3.88 million subscribers so far. But what’s with the monetary earnings? Here is what we know about Money Kicks net worth. 

Money Kicks Net Worth
Money Kicks (Credit: The Sun)

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Money Kicks Net Worth: Earnings & Wealth Revealed

Talking about his monetary accumulations, Money Kicks net worth is estimated to be a whopping $4 million. A major portion of his income comes from his YouTube career. People do enjoy watching his extravagant, glamorous lifestyle. He often hangs out with A-listers. For his wealth, Rashed aka Money Kicks, is often considered as one of the wealthiest and also the youngest person in Dubai. As far as the breakdown of Money Kicks net worth is concerned, he is reported to make $30,000 every month. 

It seems like Money Kicks is very much into music. His YouTube channel gained many followers as the rapper, Young Thug got featured in one of his videos. Concerning Money Kicks net worth, it also got added up to a hefty amount for his appearances in several music videos. To be more particular, he collaborated with artists such as Dyler, Mo Vlogs, etc. 

Not to forget to mention, Money Kicks net worth also contributed to his brand endorsement deals. How can we forget to mention his clothing line? It goes by the name- KA-1: Kings Ambition. In case you are wondering, it is modern streetwear influenced mainly by youth. It is believed to have helped him in garnering a huge amount. However, his online store is self-titled, which sells bags, shirts, and other things. 

Money Kicks Net Worth
Money Kicks (Credit: Gulf News)

Money Kicks lives in a sprawling mansion in Dubai. Little did you know, it has now become a tourist attraction. Many celebrities including Rihanna, Ronaldo, Khloe Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj, paid a visit to his mansion. 

With Money Kicks net worth being huge, one must note that he owns a huge sneaker collection. It is reported to be worth $2 million. When it comes to Money Kicks’ car collection, he purchased Rolls-Royce Wraith at the age of 18. The list includes other expensive cars such as- Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, and Cadillac Escalade. 

Despite being a fan, not everyone knows that Money Kicks also owns a private farm. It has more than 500 exotic animals. You will be surprised to know that it includes giraffes, zebras, lions, tigers, chimpanzees, panthers, etc. More surprises? It is reported that he named many of his animals after celebrities. To be more particular, a monkey on his farm is named Paris Hilton.  

Best Wishes to Money Kicks for the upcoming days of his life. Make sure to follow Rashed, on his Instagram account, too, for more updates.   

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