Post Malone explained how having a kid has mellowed out some of his hard-partying habits — though thoughts of fatherhood and parenting quickly led him somewhere far more existential: “The end is nigh.”

In a new interview with Zane Lowe (which airs in full 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Apple Music 1), Posty explained: “Having a baby really put a lot into perspective, and it’s really slowed me down a lot, party-wise, going out and being crazy. But it’s the most beautiful thing and, I don’t know…” 

At this point, the musician — who’s always had a penchant for living off the grid — veered a bit and said, “It’s like, I’m trying to get some land right now. You already know… the end is nigh.”

When asked if he really believed that, Post Malone explained, “It’s weird. Yeah, I definitely do.” But he didn’t delve fully into the abyss, pivoting to say he still wants to “go out and do shows” while also stepping back for himself and his family. “I just want to take some time now, and you mentioned all the accouterment of success and everything that comes with that — now I just want to take a second and enjoy it,” he said.

In another clip from the interview, Post Malone opened up about his drinking, acknowledging that alcohol is “very much” still a weakness for him. “It’s very frustrating,” he admitted, adding: “I have a very hard time expressing myself via recording if I’m not a little fucked up.”


But, overall, Posty said his drinking was “in a good spot now,” because “If I’m not recording, or I’m not talking to people, or if I’m not doing shows, I really do drink just to have fun. It’s like having a beer with my dad or with my bud.” 

Post Malone has explored a lot of these themes on his new album, Austin, which arrives this Friday, July 28. He’s teased the album with a series of moody, brooding singles, including “Overdrive,” “Chemical,” and “Mourning” (he also recently added a new verse to Noah Kahan’s “Dial Drunk”). Austin marks Post Malone’s fifth LP and follows last year’s Twelve Carat Toothache


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