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‘Copped it all’: David Warner reflete sobre as sombras do escândalo da lixa e da aposentadoria

‘Copped it all’: David Warner reflete sobre as sombras do escândalo da lixa e da aposentadoria

Embora a saga da lixa possa fazer parte de sua história para sempre, Warner espera que suas conquistas no críquete também sejam lembradas.

Australian opener David Warner has spoken openly about the constant criticism he’s faced since the 2018 ball-tampering scandal, admitting he expects it to follow him even after retirement.

Shadow of newlands for David Warner

The upcoming T20 World Cup marks David Warner’s final international tournament, offering a bittersweet farewell for the player. While Australia chases another global title, Warner reflects on the lingering effects of the sandpaper incident in Cape Town.

Deemed the “ringleader” by Cricket Australia, Warner received a one-year ban from playing and a lifetime ban from leadership roles.

Lone target for abuse

“Coming back, I’ve probably been the only one who’s ever copped a lot of flak,” David Warner said. He acknowledges that fans may dislike him or the Australian team, but feels he has unfairly shouldered the blame.

Acceptance and hope for David Warner

Warner acknowledges that the scandal will forever be part of his legacy. However, he hopes true cricket fans will also remember him for his aggressive batting style and his efforts to change Test cricket.

Comparisons to Tom Brady

Warner points out how other sporting controversies, like “Deflategate” in American football ft Tom Brady, haven’t had the same lasting impact. He suggests the Australian political climate at the time amplified the scandal’s effect on him and Steve Smith.

Moving Forward

Despite the negativity, Warner highlights the positive aspects gained from his suspension. He reconnected with grassroots cricket and the importance of family. “My family has helped me get to where I am now,” he said.

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David Warner looking towards retirement

Warner’s retirement promises a reprieve from the constant criticism. “It’s great to go out knowing I’m not going to cop it anymore,” he said. While the sandpaper saga may forever be part of his story, Warner hopes his cricketing achievements will also be remembered.

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