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Nenhuma ‘grande cirurgia’, mas o críquete do Paquistão precisa melhorar a força do banco, diz Hasan Ali

Nenhuma ‘grande cirurgia’, mas o críquete do Paquistão precisa melhorar a força do banco, diz Hasan Ali

Nunca houve escassez de potencial no críquete do Paquistão. No entanto, a gestão desses jogadores pelo PCB sempre foi um problema.

Pakistan’s pace bowler Hasan Ali has injected a dose of caution into the PCB chairman’s call for a major team “major surgery” remark. While acknowledging the need for improvement, Ali highlighted the dangers of a rushed approach in an interview with Cricket Pakistan.

Not enough backup in Pakistan cricket?

Ali’s primary concern centers on the lack of depth in the Pakistani squad. Replacing all eleven players, as previously suggested by PCB chairman Mohsin Naqvi following the T20 World Cup defeat, simply isn’t feasible. A successful revamp requires a strong pool of backup players, something Pakistan currently struggles with.

I don’t know in what context the chairman has mentioned surgery. Will they change all 11 players? Which is not possible. I am really sorry to say because we don’t have such backups that we can change all 11 players. I don’t know  what surgery will be, but things should be absolutely right and should be done for the betterment of cricket. The chairman should take strong steps and make firm decisions,” Hasan said.

Latest on Pakistan Cricket

The experienced fast bowler advocates for a more strategic approach. He emphasizes the importance of building bench strength, a tactic employed by all top cricketing nations. With a robust reserve squad, Pakistan wouldn’t be forced into drastic changes after every setback.

Looking ahead to the upcoming Test series, Ali underlines the need for a well-rounded squad. He points to the importance of having backup spinners available to handle different game situations. A successful revamp, Ali argues, requires the “right tools” and their strategic use.

We should strengthen our bench strength, which every team in the world does. We have seen in the recent past that one country continues to field two teams on international tours. If Pakistan had these two teams today, we wouldn’t have to talk about doing surgery or this or that. Now for example, a Test series is coming up and Pakistan won’t have an alternate spinner. To perform surgery, surgical equipment is essentially needed,” he further added.

Hasan Ali’s comments offer a counterpoint to the PCB chairman’s public pronouncements. While acknowledging the need for change, Ali advocates for a measured approach that prioritizes building a strong talent pool alongside for Pakistan cricket.

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